Hortikultura 2017



This was a slightly rushed paper for one of my general education classes. I wasn’t keen on sharing this piece of writing, but I wanted to post all of the photos I took, so why not just add in the introduction? Enjoy this little snippet from my day-to-day life.

The quiet and evocative ambiance of the Quezon Memorial Circle sets the stage for Hortikultura 2017. Our very own Central Park, as I’d like to call it, was teeming with plant lovers last February 7, 2017. Cars flooded the tiny streets of the public plaza, and though the day was drawing to an end, the visitors kept coming. The sky was tinted in the delicate shades of sunset—yes, it was a beautiful day, and one that I can recall fondly. Though I frequently observed Quezon Memorial Circle the previous year, I can’t say I had ever seen it that busy.

As I entered the blossoming gates of the event (literally!), I was met with an expanse of greenery. Flower arrangements filled up the area, and numerous signs credited the artists for their creations. It was easy to get lost in and through the exhibits; to pass by each mini-garden and come full circle in the same place you started. If I didn’t have my structural class an hour later, I would have stayed and looked at the plants for a longer period of time. Picturesque, flourishing, and exquisite– these were my final impressions of Hortikultura.


All of these photos are raw and uncropped. They have also not been post-processed, because I’m a lazy creature. In closing, I’d like to say that flowers and gardens are incredibly beautiful. Likewise, nature is something else, isn’t it? I wish my country would invest more in parks and open spaces, as they are beneficial for the city and its users. I kind of miss running around and seeing a lot of trees in the province, too. Sigh.

Anyway, I’m thinking of writing about travel experiences for my next couple of posts. I kind of have a penchant for romanticizing places, and I enjoy sharing my photos! I’d start working on it right now, but it’s 2:30 in the morning, and my bed is calling.



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