Painting sesh: the mean reds

img074 (2).jpg

I usually keep myself sane on sad days by indulging in some old school art and writing. Art, especially, helps me express my abstract thoughts and concentrate on something only indirectly related to whatever it is I’m facing.

For this session, I did about five quick paintings. I can’t upload the first three — which are what I poured the bulk of my emotions into– yet, since I’m still coming up with the accompanying composition, and that takes quite a while. (I’m going to make it as romanticized and dramatic as I can :P).

Moving on, this painting was done after the other four, when I was already a bit calmer. I concentrated on getting the color mixes right, and making sure the skin tone wasn’t just one big blotch of peach. Proportions and accuracy of features were kind of secondary to the painting technique, since I knew I could draw a better face if I tried harder.

I have a long way to go when it comes to contrast and color value, but hey, at least it looks like a recognizable face! I’ll get better someday. 🙂


PS: ‘The mean reds’ describes the feeling of being scared and unsure of what it is one is scared of. See Breakfast at Tiffany’s!