Ramblings 1 – Music phase

I finally have the free time to write this! As soon as I got back from my summer internship, I had to go straight to work. This includes plan-meetings for my student organization’s national board, serving my college during the registration period, catching up on my group contributions for this architecture competition we decided to join, and meeting up with another group of friends for someĀ freelance design work (but only a few times). I know this sounds incredibly taxing, but I know a number of people in my university who are even busier. Crazy, that lot of folks!

My academics and org work this school year are also taking up a chunk of my time, and this is surprising because fourth year is supposed to be when people pursue their other interests, such as hitting the gym or learning an instrument. (Oh! Speaking of which, I’m also trying to start a weekly sketching group where people from all walks of life can hopefully participate in meaningful conversations, so that’s something.)

The bottom line is that these extra curricular obligations have, up until recently, prevented me from getting into any of the personal things I was hoping to do, such study Revit, make experimental art, or even write blog posts regularly. Today, however, I am quite free. I spent about 3 hours learning how to play the piano by ear, and another one reveling in the wonder of music. (No, seriously.)

I suppose I have been more sensitive to music over the week. Instead of just passively listening, I’ve begun to try and pick out specific notes and melodies. I’ll be the first to admit that I obsess over perfect pitch — an ability I will never possess. Nevertheless, I try to decompose radio songs in my mind– what beats does this track sample, how smart are the lyrics, and how exactly do the notes flow into each other? When I’m exceptionally bored in class, I turn on my inner radio and tap my fingers over my legs. My professor’s voice is then drowned out by this clear melody that begins to ring in my mind.

Now if only I could translate that air-piano elegance into actual good playing! Unfortunately, I’ve felt no improvement since my second year of high school, when I stopped taking formal lessons. My fingers are stiff, and my rhythm is just……. atrocious. It will take some time to develop the proper technique (again), but hopefully I’ll have the dedication and free time to get there.

I’ll end this journal entry by discussing my other obsession for this week: EMOTION by Carly Rae Jepsen! Now, I hope that anyone who reads this will actually take time to listen to it because she’s so much more than a one hit wonder! The album feels as golden as Ariana’s ‘Yours Truly’ and Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream.’ That’s all I’m going to say about it, because you have to hear it for yourself.

This was supposed to just be an intro to a much more educational post, but I ended up rambling, and will list this as a separate entry. If you’ve gotten this far, thank you very much! Here is a raw graphic of the outdoor seating pavilion I designed for the competition.

I wanted to use different shapes and heights to accommodate various groups and types of people. Constructability was also a priority since budget is usually a huge factor for designs in the Philippines!
I just liked the idea of putting wooden slats with gaps on some of the pavilion ‘walls’ as these allow for light and air to filter into the voids. More critically, I wanted some form of visual and auditory connection between all users. Maybe overhearing conversations of strangers is my fetish (jk)!

Hopefully tomorrow, I get to talk about what I’ve been truly meaning to talk about



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